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Women of Color Unite Forges an Important Partnership with The Bitch Pack

A new D&I Program has been created in Hollywood to address inequality for women of color

LOS ANGELES, CA – Women of Color Unite (WOCU) has forged a new partnership with The Bitch Pack to form #StartWith8Hollywood. The joint venture is a challenge to producers, production companies, networks, agencies, and studios to take action against inequality in Hollywood and commit to meeting with and mentoring 8 women of color. This new initiative will foster organic diversity and elevate the reprehensible excuse “I don’t know any Women of Color who I can hire.”

During this time of #BlackLivesMatter protests, and rallies for equality, WOCU and The Bitch Pack have taken action and created a source of change in the entertainment industry. They now run one of the largest D&I programs in Hollywood and are coordinating mentorships for hundreds of Women of Color at no cost to the mentees. The organizations have developed and executed the program with no funding from outside sources, yet again realizing the lack of funds disbursed directly to minority run organizations. #StartWith8Hollywood is designed to “educate” companies and individuals on how to transform the mindset and culture of their organizations to bolster lasting change.

Current mentors include, among many others, Cassian Elwes (independent producer), Craig Mazin (creator, Chernobyl; The Last of Us), Win Rosenfeld (President, Monkeypaw), Holly Jeter (Agent, WME), Cate Adams (VP of Film, Warner Brothers), C. Robert Cargill (screenwriter, Doctor Strange), Joe Henderson (co-showrunner, Lucifer), Jeffrey Lieber (showrunner, Lost; Don’t Look Deeper), Jessica Rhoades (producer, Pacesetter; first look deal with HBO), Samantha Starr (literary manager, Circle of Confusion).

The words diversity and inclusion have been floating around Hollywood, like a new catch phrase that offered minimal change. In fact, in most cases it’s been an epic fail. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) departments and programs have been started but they lack a shift in the culture of which organizations and individuals conduct business. Counterproductively, they formed an extra barrier to entry for Women of Color and other marginalized groups.

The #Startwith8Hollywood initiative connects Women of Color working in the entertainment industry to well-established industry mentors. Each mentor is connected to eight mentees. Together, they formulate a plan of action based on what each mentee desires and what is achievable by the mentor to create tangible progress in the mentee’s career.

About WOCU/The JTC List

Women of Color Unite (WOCU, pronounced Woke-U) is an LA-based social action organization and non-profit studio promoting fair access, fair treatment, and fair pay for Women of Color in all aspects of the entertainment and media industries. With a collective of 1000+ members, the group actively helps Women of Color get seen and hired in the entertainment industry through its JTC List database. WOCU is completely intersectional and leaves no marginalized group behind. WOCU’s call to action is simple and direct: Hire. Fund. Distribute.

About The Bitch Pack

StartWith8Hollywood was started by Thuc Nguyen of The Bitch Pack, and is based on the tech world’s #StartWith8: an initiative to draw more women to tech. The Bitch Pack issues the annual “The Bitch List,” which draws attention to screenplays with better representation for Women of Color.

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